General Courses

General foreign language courses are attended when learners want to master a particular foreign language, for personal or business reasons. They do not imply highly specialized terminology, or the knowledge of a vocational field. Verbatim provides interactive general courses of various language levels (from general to advanced), and in accordance with your needs conduct individual classes or classes in smaller or bigger groups.

Specialized Business Courses

ESP foreign language courses are normally attended for the purposes of business or educational requirements. They represent a combination of a general course syllabus and a specialized course that suits the business activity your work in best, such as:

Foreign Language for Managerial and Secretarial Services

Foreign Language for Tourism and Catering Industry

Foreign for Flight Attendants and Aviators

And other courses in line with your needs


Management, Banking and Finance

We will teach you the specialized business English language of management, banking and finance. We shall make it easier for you to perform everyday business tasks you have. Training in this area of business English language covers the key management and financial area, as well as progress on necessary business skills.

You will have at your disposal the latest Longman program, including interactive learning with an array of interesting approaches. These programs include professional, business editions of language studying. They are planned for economists and professionals specialized in similar sciences, as well as employees in financial sector and relevant institutions.

The educational curriculum includes professional expressions and phrases as well as accompanying grammar content. Furthermore, it includes articles and topics with the new tendencies in the specified areas, making them applicable, useful and completely modern within the business surrounding. CD-ROM as an integral part of curriculum accompanies the textbooks and includes audio course and interactive programs.

The programs are planned for students with already adopted general English language knowledge who need professional and specialized progress in certain area.

They include the following segments:

  • The topics referring to the latest events and developments in banking and finances making them applicable for business persons;
  • Clearly defined language and function with modern language expressions;


  • CD-ROM with interactive content and expressions from British and American English language as well as complete textbooks in audio MP3 format

Marketing and PR

English language in marketing application and communication; is an English language course for everyone who relates their business operations to the marketing sector, PR and general presentation of yourself or your company. The goal of this course is to teach you the specialized terminology from everyday marketing activities and presentations, as well as to enhance your communication skills in English language.

Business Language Course

We provide you with the possibility to select the field and improve the development of your business language use; perform the phone conversations, conference calls or Skype communication in foreign language, learn business correspondence, adopt the negotiation skills, enable yourself for leading the meetings, present your company as well as yourself and chat with your customers.

The trainings are made in order to meet diverse company’s needs in your business environment, where you use foreign language in writing or speaking on daily basis. Due to such professional engagement we provide one higher and specific level of language knowledge, through interesting and contemporary methodological approach, using the up to date professional literature. We, as your teachers and advisers, will make the program selection to help you reach the required level of business language, which would encourage you to enter freely the big world of business.


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