German is the most wide-spread language in Europe. If you speak German, you can communicate with over 120 million people. A hundred million people speak German as their mother tongue.

German is spoken in Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, the north of Italy, France and eastern parts of Belgium.

German is a key language in the EU. It is becoming ever more important in economic spheres.

A lot of international companies are located in Germany, thus emphasizing the status of Germany and its economic strength, as well as its international recognition as a business partner.

In the spheres of science and technology, German is the second most-used language.

Apart from English, German language is used the most on the Internet. Over 8% of all websites are in German.

Germans are keen tourists all over the world. Therefore, if you work or want to work in tourism, German knowledge is essential. Besides, the most beautiful cities in Europe are in German-speaking countries. You should not miss the opportunity to visit Berlin, Vienna, Zurich, Munich, Frankfurt or Cologne.

German is one of the most important languages of culture. It was used by Goethe, Mozart, Beethoven, Freud, Einstein and Klimt, as well as numerous other great artists and scientists. German is also the language of modern writers and poets, such as Thomas Mann and Gunter Grass. Every tenth book in the world is printed in German!

Besides literature, modern German films and music are becoming more and more popular. Every teenage boy or girls knows about the band Tokyo Hotel and sings songs such as “SCHREI.”

All the best cars are produced in Germany and “speak” German.

Even the best chocolates and cakes “speak” German.

Thanks to modern methods, learning German became as easy as learning any other language.

Learning German, you will encounter the longest and most complex words with irresistible easiness.

Finally, if you learn German, you will be able to understand words of German origin which became part of other world languages.

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