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Verbatim makes learning a language easy – study online in your own time and practice what you have learned with our experienced teachers. Verbatim online courses make it possible for you to learn individually or in a group without having to attend a class on site. You still have scheduled lesson times and required exercises, but you can participate from wherever you are – as long as you are online! No matter where you are located, the internet lets your teacher connect with you for your scheduled lesson.

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Verbatim | Online Courses

The benefits of online courses:

  • High quality live, online language instruction
  • Same learning content as on-site courses
  • Lessons can be scheduled flexibly online
  • Virtual tools and lesson recordings for preparation and follow-up
  • Focus on your language-learning needs and goals – your personal learning path and the teachers help you achieve your objectives
  • Learn English, French, Italian, German, Russian, Serbian or any language online! All you need for your live, real-time language class is a computer, smartphone or tablet with internet access, and a headset.

Useful information for online courses:

  • To participate in our online courses you need a stable internet connection.
  • As for the virtual classroom, we use the external provider Zoom. Other platforms such as Google Meet, Skype and other also possible to be used.
  • You will need a device with a microphone, speakers/headphones, a webcam and an (external) keyboard so that you can also perform your written tasks in the best possible way. You will work with word documents and other word-processing programs.
Verbatim | Online Courses

Distance learning

The 21st century education encourages international mobility within the educational framework. Many students, who wish to apply for a scholarship at a foreign university, have to submit a proof of proficiency in the language of their host university during the application process. Therefore, Verbatim offers specially tailored courses for outgoing as well as for incoming students. Our courses help you to expand your foreign language skills and serve as an ideal preparation for your time abroad. Living abroad is challenging for many; in these courses you learn how to orient yourself in an academic environment and besides that, you receive invaluable pieces of advice for everyday life. Good knowledge of the language of the host university is useful for your degree program, as well as, for everyday life. In order to meet our students’ needs, Verbatim offers courses in numerous languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Serbian for foreigners etc.

Language Courses for Students Studying in Serbia

The Government of the Republic of Serbia initiated different scholarship programs which provide scholarships for all levels of studies for students coming from countries other than Serbia. Following the long tradition of student exchange programs where thousands of students had been studying everything from medicine to engineering, finding in Serbia their second home. It is intended that the students come to Serbia to attend the preparatory year and study Serbian language. For all the foreign students Verbatim has a special offer of intensive summer online language courses, both in English and Serbian, as well as the regular semestral courses. The intensive summer courses span over the period of 6 weeks (July-August and August-September), with the total of 42 learning units (1 unit – 45 minutes). The courses cover 4 basic language skills: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking, with a special emphasis on real life situations and the chosen field of studies. As most foreign students in Serbia live in halls of residence, it is of utmost importance for them to learn the language in order to adapt and experience that way of life to the fullest extent.These intensive online courses are designed to be a great opportunity to prepare for living and studying in Serbia, as well as a way to prepare for a new academic year at university.

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